Merchants collaborate with other merchants and Sharkbate Verified Partners via Campaign. By creating and publishing Rewards and Store pages, Partners and other Merchants can also include your listing to their own pages.

Depending on the mode of collaboration, Merchant can decide to publish the Reward for all Partners or by sending Invitation Code to specific Partner.

For Private Rewards, only a Partner with Invitation Code from the Merchant can view the private rewards in their Campaign listings.

When setting up a Reward, Merchant can either set it as Private, Public or Group. Here is where to check the Reward type:

When you do not select Private, the Reward will be Public by default and will be visible in Campaign for every Sharkbate Partners and Merchants.

Learn more about how to add products in direct and verse and how to create Reward?


Every sales generated through this link will automatically be tracked and inserted into your personal sales volume, and the earnings will appear clearly on Merchant's side too. These information are available in Finance.

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