1. Sharkbate do not charge any Registration fee. Upon registration, new users are required to reload minimum RM500 credit in order to activate the account.
  2. Sharkbate will require a deposit of RM500. This will be collected as you Top up and published your listings in the Campaign listings. The deposit is non-refundable.
  3. At any time, Sharkbate will require a minimum Balance of RM500 in the account balance. This is to prevent disrupted promotional activities online which requires constant commission payout to Partners upon successful transactions. The minimum top up amount is RM500.
  4. Each Settlement will be credited automatically with a minimum value RM100 of sales income. Any amount less than RM100 will be accumulated until the next settlement is due. Learn more about how will sales settlement be processed?

What do Sharkbate charge?

For Merchants: There are 2 main parts that involve payment:

  1. Transaction fee for online payment gateway facility:
  • FPX bank transfer: RM1.50 flat rate per transaction.
  • Credit card: RM1.50 or 2.5% per transaction, whichever higher.
  • E-Wallet (TnG, Boost, GrabPay): RM1.50 or 1.5% per transaction,whichever higher.

2.   Campaign fee for your own commission payout:

  • Sharkbate will be charging a 30% fee on the budget payout portion for your partners. This is for continuous system development and maintenance purposes. Rest assured, this does not affect your final sales value.

For Referrals: There is only 1 part that involves charges.

Each budget payout is automated. This means you will never miss out on any payment for your hard work. However, this means we will need to incur 30% fee mentioned in Campaign fee above to maintain our server and system for our hard work too. So we humbly seek your support on this wonderful platform we have created for everyone.

Termination: Termination of Merchant business account.

The merchant account may be terminated by Merchant on ninety (90) days written notice to Sharkbate. The Termination Fees of RM50 will be charged (“Termination Fees”).

Effect of Termination.
Upon the termination, Merchant shall no longer access the Sharkbate Account, the Software and/or Sharkbate Services and Merchant shall not circumvent any security mechanisms contained therein. Merchant shall also forthwith withdraw any reference to or related forms by Sharkbate and/or Sharkbate Services from its documents and/or websites and shall forthwith cease the use of the Marks.

Re-active Merchant Account If you wish to revive Sharkbate merchant account, it will be RM 100.00 for re-active account charges.

For more about Merchant's Terms and Conditions.

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