Sharkbate account is free to register. However, you will need to reload your credit to activate your account as most features involving Rewards and Campaign requires a minimum deposit to work. This is to ensure the smooth operation for Merchants when they started their on-going promotions which involve multi-party collaborations.

  1. The minimum credit reload amount is RM500. You can top up atanytime when you need more..
  2. Sharkbate will ensure that the balance in your account is not less than RM500 at all times. By agreeing to the Sharkbate's terms of use, you agree to consent Sharkbate to auto deduct you credit balance from new sales generated when your account balance is below RM500.
  3. The credit is non-refundable. If Merchant decides to terminate account, learn more about this in the Merchant terms and condition.  

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