Cross collaboration between all parties can be done via Campaign.

From Merchants: Create Rewards or Store page>Complete the Details>Publish. Learn more about how to create Store pages and how to create Rewards.

From Partners: Search for interesting Rewards or Store pages in Campaign. Click on the page>Click on the red button to copy link>Share the link on social media.

Learn more about how to create campaign as a Partner?

Reward at a glance.

3 Types of Audiences:

  1. Private - Create a private reward to engage specific type of customers (for specific Partner use only) Learn more about how to create Private Reward?
  2. Group - Create a single reward that is recognized by identified merchants
  3. Public - Create a Reward visible to all Sharkbate verified Partners in Campaign listing.

3 Types of Linkages:

  1. Standard - Create a single reward for customers in the store or online.
  2. Bundle - Bundle up to 5 rewards across multiple merchants into your own Reward.
  3. Direct Link - Create a single reward that leads customers to instant purchases by including your Store page.

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