With the latest update on Sharkbate 3.0 Dashboard, there will no longer be a Passcode for login. All you need to do is to enter your email address, click sign in. A verification email will be sent to your registered email. You will be asked to click on the uniqe login link in order to access your dashboard.

Why do we change this?

  1. Enhanced security - Login link is unique and can only be used once. When your account admin request to access your Sharkbate account, you would be the first to know if it was really the person you trust who is trying to access your account.
  2. One less password to remember -  When we have so many passwords to remember, we tend to use the same thing over and over again. Password will be phasing out in the IT world eventually. Having seen the trend, we have decided to phase out the use of Passwords for good.

How often do I need to login again?

  • We will allow users to "trust" a browser for a period of time before they are reprompted to sign in using a new login link again.

What if somebody I do not recognise tried to request for the login in link via email?

  • Please contact Sharkbate Care immediately if you found any irregularities about your account.

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