How do top up your credit for Campaign?

In your Dashboard, Click Reload>Choose Top up amount>Click the Blue utton to continue>Select Payment Method>Check that you understood the T&C>Click Pay and follow the on screen instructions.

The credit will be reflected in your Dashboard overview. You can also find your receipt in Configuration>Account & Billing. You can download your recepit by clicking on the transaction, and click on the Download button.

Tips: If payment failed, what can you do?

  • Please check that your phone is able to receive the TAC/OTP code for online transactions.
  • Please make sure that you have entered the correct credit card details.
  • Normally, banks do not block online transactions unless it is abnormal or new transactions on your credit cards. You can contact your bank for clarification.
  • You may perform the transaction again after 10 minutes or as advised by the bank.
  • If you tried again and still unsuccessful, please send us a support ticket ¬†for further assistance.

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