You may manage your new or existing delivery transaction via Sharkbate Dashboard or Sharkbate Business APP.

Managing delivery on Sharkbate Merchant Dashboard

Go to Sales>Verse>Click on edit button>Update Delivery>Enter your delivery tracking number>Save message.

Your client can trace their delivery status in their customer WebApp.

Once your product has been delivered, click on the blue lorry button to indicate item delivered in your dashboard.

Update your delivery status here. 

Managing delivery on Sharkbate Business APP

  1. On the Sharkbate App.
  2. Tap on Direct or Verse to check existing orders.
  3. Select Paid to arrange delivery for undelivered orders.
  4. Tap on the item. Enter Delivery Message to update Delivery Log. Then tap Submit.
  5. Once the item is delivered, Mark the item as Delivered on the top right corner of the App.
  6. Once Item is marked as Delivered, it will appear in the Delivered list. The transaction is completed at this stage.

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