In your Dashboard, go to Tools > Reward > Add Reward > Choose from templates or start from scratch. You will see there are 4 sections to complete. Be as detailed as possible so your customers will understand your reward and less follow ups for you later.

Here are the 4 sections:

  1. Details: All the basic details about your purpose of this reward.
  2. T&C: Choose the T&C templates and modify yourself according to your needs.
  3. Linkage: If you would like to include extra rewards or a Sales page to enhance your customer’s shopping experience, here is where you can find them.
  4. Budget: Set and control your budget for your Campaign so referrals understand your allocations. Of course, the more you offer, the more referrals you will attract.

So after you have published the reward, you will find the listing in 2 places.

Firstly, in your Reward listing (in your own dashboard). You can view and edit here.

Secondly, in Campaign (public to all Sharkbate users).

In Campaign, Sharkbate Verified Partners can see all the public Rewards created by all Sharkbate Merchants.

Once this is published, it will be available on your Sharkbate Business App (for Business owner/operator, not for customer) and y0u can start issuing the Reward for your customers.

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