What is this? This program is open for all existing Sharkbate users who:

  • Want to enjoy using Sharkbate as a Merchant or Partner while earning some credits.
  • Want to help your merchant friends struggling to transform their business but lack the fund or technical knowledge.
  • Loving your Sharkbate experience and want to get more allies to join so you can collaborate with more merchants.

Each successful account activation by the referred Merchants, the partner will get to earn RM50 from Sharkbate.

How to refer a new Merchant?

  • Log in to your Sharkbate account.
  • Click "Jom Heboh" on the right side of the page.
  • Copy your individual link(Red button), and send it to your merchant(s) via email, SMS, or your favourite social media platform.
  • When your invited merchant(s) register using your link and fund his/her account within 30 days, both of you have qualified for the referral programme.
  • Track your referee(s)' progress by looking at "Your Referral History" in "Refer to earn" section.

Join us as a Partner and start earning now

Where to find the Refer button?

When you open your Dashboard, look for this icon below and follow the instruction from there.

Look out for this Money Money Come (Refer) icon in your Dashboard.

Is there a limit?

No. The sky is your limit. Refer as many people as you like! We don't have a limit for the number of merchants you refer. Do note that just referring is not gonna earn you the RM50 credit. You need to make sure they activate their account upon sign up. And not forgetting your unique referral link from your account.


  • Your account must be active.
  • Your referee must not have an existing account.
  • Your referee must sign-up via the referral link.
  • After your referee's registration, your referee's account needs to be funded within 30 days.

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