WorkwithWomen - W+
A program to uplift and empower Malaysian female entrepreneurs, to support women from all background to achieve their financial goals and transforming their hobbies into business. #Hobbiz

What is W+?
An initiative on women’s economic empowerment for women entrepreneurs focusing on digital skills and financial literacy.

What does the program do?
Digital skills and financial technology exposure for women entrepreneurs

Why is W+ doing this?
Tapping into the entrepreneurship potential of women to create a more supportive, balanced and collaborative community

What does W+ want to achieve?
To work in partnership with private and government sectors to help close the digital and financial gender gaps

Program overview
Gender inequality is an open secret in most industries where we observe many untapped potentials go to waste because of social expectations, gender discriminations, and personal disbeliefs. That is why Working With Women (W+) is being launched in 2022, as a long term commitment to uplift women entrepreneurship in Malaysia.

The program aims to support women-owned businesses to enter the digital economy, through skills training and business inspiration.

Starting with 30 women entrepreneurs, W+ aspires to form a strong and collaborative network of community partners to support and inspire more women to participate, play a role, and pay it forward.

Looking forward to 2023 and more, with the hope that this community will expand and bring a positive impact to the local community.

“When you change a girl’s life, you affect her vision of herself and her immediate world and the world she will have an impact on.” -Oprah Winfrey